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B & B in Woodstock, VT

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Hospitality - Hanover NH

Are you thinking about staying in the Hanover NH area then you will want to consider staying at the Chieftain Inn. The Chieftain Inn is located close to downtown Hanover which is close to Dartmouth College. A fine NH Hanover area lodging is one that is nicely located and convenient to everything.

Lodging in the Hanover NH area is sometimes hard to come by. When there is an event at Dartmouth College such as a sporting event or graduation for example then it may be a difficult task to find a place to stay. The Chieftain Inn is a nice place to stay that is not downtown but is only a short drive away from Downtown Hanover NH.

Hanover NH

If you are searching for inns in Hanover NH then you will want to consider the Chieftain Inn. There is not a long list of places to stay in the Hanover NH area. Things become even more difficult when there is a big even t at Dartmouth. The Chieftain is tranquil and in a great setting. There website is

All rooms have front and back doors as the pool is right out back. There are many lawn chairs, tables, and a screened gazebo. There is a beautiful view of the Connecticut River and the mountains.

Hanover Lodging

Hotels, Inns, B&Bs and Motels are all available in the Hanover NH area. The trick is to find one on a night or weekend when there is a big event at Dartmouth College. The Chieftain Inn is a fine choice if you are in need of lodging in the Hanover NH area. If you are looking for a NH Hanover area motel then consider staying at the Chieftain Inn.

Hanover Lodging

If you are looking for Hanover NH area hotels then consider the Chieftain Inn along the Connecticut River which is a short drive from Downtown Hanover.

The Chieftain Inn is centrally located in the Upper Valley and convenient to everything. Hanover area hotels are sometimes hard to come by when there is a big event at Dartmouth College.

Hanover Lodging

In the general Hanover NH area there are many places to fine lodging. However, few places in the Hanover over can boast a short drive to downtown Hanover and a beautiful view along the Connecticut River. One such place is the Chieftain Inn. If you are looking for places to stay in Hanover NH then you have to visit the website of the Chieftain Inn.

Hanover Lodging

Hanover NH area inns can be in short supply when there is a big event at Dartmouth College. Getting a room downtown can be next to impossible. However, right down the road from downtown Hanover is the Chieftain Inn. An added bonus is that it located right on the Connecticut River the views of the river and the mountains make the setting ideal. Wi-Fi is available indoors and out and the owners of the Chieftain Inn are incredibly friendly and helpful.

Hanover Lodging

Are you looking for places to stay near dartmouth College? The Chieftain Inn is located close to Dartmouth Collage and is in a perfect setting.

The Chieftain Inn is just 2 miles from the Dartmouth College Campus. It the closest Inn to Dartmouth College other than the Hanover Inn. If you are going to attend an event at Dartmouth College then consider the Chieftain Inn as it has been a primary lodging facility for people attending events at Dartmouth College for over 50 years.

Distance to the Dartmouth College Campus: 2.2 Miles, Driving Time: 4 minutes.

Hanover NH

Places to Stay Near Hanover, New Hampshire
B&B Near Hanover NH - The Upper Valley is one of the most distinctive areas of New England and Hanover is central to the Upper Valley. If you stay at the Dowds' Country Inn you will have a wonderful visit to the Dartmouth area. The Dowds' Country in is a short and beautiful drive to Hanover, New Hampshire.

Woodstock Vermont

Woodstock Vermont Inn - Woodstock, Vermont - The Charleston House

Woodstock, Vermont is a great place to visit and the Charleston House is a pleasant and easy walk to all points in the village of Woodstock. Dinning and shopping and Woodstock cultural activities are but a few steps away. People will find plenty to do, both indoors and out, in Woodstock, Vermont and the immediate surrounding area. For those looking to unwind and unplug the Charleston House is the perfect place.

Visiting Dartmouth College

The Dartmouth College campus is located in the heart of the Upper Valley. When visiting Dartmouth you are in one of the most diverse areas in New England. You will have the opportunity to experience some of the most unique and distinctive experiences in New England. Cultural activities abound and the outdoors is always close by no matter what the time of year.
If you cannot find suitable accommodation in the immediate area of Dartmouth College consider staying right down the road at the Dowds' Country Inn in Lyme, NH. This is a wonderful 22 room B&B sits in a traditional New England village with a village green, mature trees and white steeple churches. There is a nice set of fine homes that surround the village green.
A Charming Country Inn -
The Dowd's Country Inn - An Alternative to The Hanover Inn .

Affordable catering services

When picking an affordable catering services manila, make sure that you hire a professional caterer so you can expect a positive outcome in your party. Look for a company that boasts delectable variety of food and drinks. Consider also a catering service that has an array of fascinating themes to pick from so you can have a lively event. Most importantly, look for a company that is driven to provide excellent quality catering services every time.

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